Herbs and Spices Offer Medicinal Alternatives

Posted by Trish Riley, November 25, 2008

Is it really necessary to jump to the pharmaceutical industry everytime you’re feeling under the weather? We don’t think so! Nature provides a bounty of healthful solutions, time tested over centuries, that don’t pose the environmental health concerns and side effects often encountered with drugs made from synthetic petrochemicals. While you should always consult your doctor first about the best treatment for your ills, we think it pays to consider herbal alternatives before turning to the big guns of conventional medicine. Here are some of our favorite resources for herbal health advice:

Spice up your cuisine to help protect against heart
disease, cancer and diabetes, Environmental Nutrition, by Diane Welland

Give thanks for pumpkin : Ask the Pharmacist

Nov 25, 2008 He drinks too much eggnog and eats too much pumpkin pie. He says that it’s okay because there are Suzy Cohen is a registered pharmacist.

For more news from Ocala’s own natural pharmacist, consult Suzy Cohen, author of The 24 Hour Pharmacist.