Cleaning Florida’s Air through our Tail Pipes

Posted by Trish Riley, December 1, 2008

Florida Governor Charlie Crist has proposed tightening state auto emissions to help reduce our greenhouse gas contribution that’s causing global warming. “State environmental regulators say that tailpipe pollution accounts for 40 percent of CO2 emissions in Florida.” Do we all recall that the moment he took office, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush canceled the exisiting auto emission testing that helped keep our air cleaner by requiring that high-emitting vehicles be serviced to comply with a higher standard? It was a pain to drive through the annual check-up, and cost us about $10 a year, but it was an important and effective means of keeping our air clean.

Now, Governor Crist would like to see us adopt a similar program to reduce emissions.  Alas, but not surprisingly, auto makers are fighting the proposed new standard, suggesting that a national standard would be preferable to state regulations. California has set a higher standard but has been involved in legal tangles as a result, and thus the regulation has not been enacted or enforced. Eighteen states are poised to adopt some form of emission regulation, and the federal government, under the current administration, is unlikely to support a national regulation. Learn more:

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