Now Melamine Found in U.S. Infant Formulas

Posted by Trish Riley, December 1, 2008

Having watched and worried for weeks as Chinese milk products continue to be found to contain toxic levels of melamine, and as four infants have died from ingestion of the synthetic chemical added to boost protein levels and profits, now Americans must deal with the same fear at their own grocery stores. The FDA announced on Nov. 25 that at least three U.S.-made infant formulas contain melamine and/or another toxic chemical, cyanuric acid. Although the levels of the toxicity are much lower than those found in the Chinese brands, and officials urge parents to continue using the contaminated products, the FDA had previously stated that no level of melamine should be considered safe.

We wholeheartedly agree. This is a perfect example of the benefits of following nature as the guideline for living a healthier, more sustainable life. If it is at all possible for new mothers to breast feed their babies, that is the perfect food for their developing offspring, offering immunity against illness, natural protein and perfect nourishment. In addition, the closeness of nursing helps mother and child to form the warmest possible bond, which will be the foundation for the child’s life – Love and safety in his mother’s arms.

Alas, we are finding more and more often that profits are put before health and safety, resulting in lowered standards for safety. While the case of the contamination of U.S. infant formulas appears to be accidental, with manufacturers indicating that the melamine may have leeched into the products through equipment cleaning chemicals or packaging materials, in China the contamination was quite deliberate and motivated by a desire to increase profits. Let us hope that by exposing these incidents, this sort of deception will occur less frequently in the future and that greater penalties will result.

Meanwhile, let’s hope that Joy Drawdy’s new Melamine testing kit, as mentioned in our Nov. 17 Green News, becomes available soon!

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