Award-winning author Matthiessen to speak tonight! Gainesville, FL

Posted by Trish Riley, January 13, 2009

Environmentalist and FAB writer Peter Matthiessen spoke in Gainesville on Jan. 12.  About 400 people attended. Author of National Book Award winners The Snow Leopard and Shadow Country, Matthiessen read from both books. He shared his insights about the world condition, as well. “We’re not taking care of the planet at all. It’s serious. We have to do something about it.”

On President-elect Obama: “He’s a smart man and a steady man and I think he knows what needs to be done. But he can’t do it alone.”

On water: “I thinkthe water situation is almost as damaging as global warming.” This has concerned me for some time – we are polluting and depleting our water supply so rapidly, soon our freshwater supplies will be devastated and we’ll be scrambling to support life without adequate supplies. This is happening now and likely to reach critical issues long before the effect of global warming create havoc for us.

Thank you, Mr. Matthiessen, for taking time to stop by and share your thoughts with Gainesville. – tr*

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