Green Drinks Learns About GRU Solar FIT Program

Posted by Trish Riley, January 18, 2009

Harald Kegelmann, owner of Advanced Solar Technologies and an active  participant in the move to establish the national precedent-setting program to create a solar power feed-in-tariff program in Gainesville, joined our first Green Drinks meeting and shared information about the program with the group. Kegelmann explained that the GRU FIT program promises a great  opportunity for Gainesville residents and businesses to implement solar power and its potential as the first city in the nation to implement the program, which is widely used in Germany. The GRU FIT program will allow those who implement solar technologies to profit from energy collected by selling excess to back to the city-owned Gainesville Regional Utility company  for a reasonable rate through a net-metering proposal. This program can position Gainesville at the forefront of the nation’s solar initiatives to move forward with green technologies.

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