Turn the ‘First Lawn’ into an Organic Garden!

Posted by James Steele, January 22, 2009

Petition to Turn Obama’s First Lawn into Organic Garden—Yes We Can!
A new President with a new vision and a new era of responsibility…let’s help Obama work toward setting an example for greening our lawns and gardens! Green Planet shows you how to do it…Sign the White House Food Garden Petition

We have a wonderful opportunity for our new president to lead the way into greening America and our planet and I welcome his leadership into ways we can create more sustainable landscapes, gardens and farms.  Already, throughout the world there are leaders in this movement, that have been doing this for decades, re-defining how we wisely use our land and resources to create sustainable gardens.  Ecology Action is one organization that has been doing this for years.

With Obama in the White House now, he has an opportunity to help promote sustainable agriculture, so let’s give him a nudge by signing the White House Food Garden Petition!

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