To Pop or Not to Pop the Pills?

Posted by Trish Riley, February 22, 2009

Vitamin and supplement companies have been pedaling distilled versions of the goodness in plants for decades, and plenty of people swear by their daily regimens of pills. Now a study indicates that taking such adjuncts for health might not do any good… and I tend to agree – nutrients in herbs and vegetables work because they’re combined with all the elements that go into the natural plant, working synergistically to effect their healthful magic. While isolated substances no doubt have some health values, the best course is a solid daily diet of a wide variety of herbs, vegetables and grains.

  • Regimens: Multivitamins Not Found to Reduce Risks
  • Many postmenopausal women take multivitamins in the belief that they help prevent cardiovascular disease or cancer, but a large study has found that they do neither. Published February 10, 2009

    Dear Pharmacist, Suzy Cohen, who helps us find the best natural solutions to our ills and lets us know how pharmaceuticals affect one another and our health, takes a different view: she suspects that the study has flaws and maintains that their is still value in using supplements and vitamins: Should you take that multivitamin?

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