Donate Your Backyard Produce to the Needy

Posted by Trish Riley, March 20, 2009

LaChua Harvest

LaChua Harvest is a backyard fruit initiative to help the hungry of Alachua County and surrounding area. Volunteers gather unwanted or unused fruit, nuts or vegetables from neighborhood yards and gardens or forgotten fruit trees and deliver it to the area’s food banks and meal programs. By collecting and pooling produce from dozens of people, the needy can have more nutritious fresh food options.

This spring’s initiative is “the lagniappe plant.” If you have a vegetable garden, consider planting one extra vegetable plant of any sort and whatever that plant produces, donate! For lagniappe plants or any extra bounty from a vegetable garden, just email us and we can schedule an appointment to pick up the food.

Those with fruit or nut trees can sign up to be a part of a “town orchard” in which you can register your tree(s) for annual gleaning. Just let us know the number and type of tree(s) you have and the approximate time they ripen and a volunteer will contact you to schedule an appointment that is convenient.

You will receive a receipt for tax purposes listing the total number of pounds harvested. Also, if you wish, you can keep a portion of the fruit harvested on that day.

Email Leslie at Happy Harvests!