Nestle is Angling to Corner the Market on Fresh Water from Springs Across the Country

Posted by Trish Riley, March 27, 2009

Moving into communities with fresh water springs and setting up bottling companies to sell the natural resource for a buck or more a bottle is a growing threat to local fresh water supplies around the country. Springs are often in rural areas which welcome the influx of big business – but is it advisable to sell off water to big companies that make vast profits from this essential natural resource? While Nestle assures this concerned Arkansas community that the water will be replenished – the question remains: from where? There is a fixed amount of fresh water on earth, and taking it away in little plastic bottles means it won’t be replenishing the local aquifers that feed the springs. Lower water levels are visible and of great concern in metro areas such as Atlanta, where a growing population has placed excessive demand on supply. Should bottling companies be allowed to draw water from your community springs?

Nestle plan sets off water war – The Denver Post.