Nuclear Ain’t So Great

Posted by Trish Riley, March 23, 2009

I was quite disturbed by a pair of articles and an editorial in our local paper touting nuclear power and lamenting the recent federal decision to halt development of the  Yucca Mountain repository for radioactive waste. Millions have been spent to try to create this mecca for spent fuel, yet it has never been successfully completed – and for good reasons. The recent articles purport that closing of the project is a politically motivated maneuver, but the science is the real motivator here: radioactive waste cannot be effectively stored underground because faultlines and natural fissures in the stone ultimately lead to leakage of radioactive elements, infiltrating water supplies. Folks: we only have so much freshwater and our life depends on protecting our supplies. Subjecting any of our freshwater to radioactivity is reckless, and leaving a legacy of radioactive waste for 10,000 years or more is supremely inconsiderate of our children and heirs. We need a better solution.

Here are the locally published articles pushing for a nuclear rennaisance:,0,5164994.story,0,7790030.story

and here’s an editorial that went along with the articles.

Please take a look beyond these articles to learn about the damage wrought by nuclear development.

I’ve done a bit of reporting on nuclear power here in Florida and i’ve encountered dozens of families living in the shadow of a reactor whose children are ill with leukemia and neuroblastomas. These folks live up and down the street from one another and their kids are used to attending friends’ funerals. Their efforts to identify the cause of their illnesses have not been successful as they attempt to battle huge corporate interests, but they are convinced they have been radiated, and the empirical evidence is compelling.

Here’s a story on France’s nuclear program that provides much different information than those above:

The French Nuclear Industry Is Bad Enough in France; Let’s Not Expand It to the U.S. | Environment | AlterNet


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