Recycle Old Holiday Lights for LEDs

Posted by Trish Riley, March 15, 2009
THINK LED When replacing Holiday Lights – and recycle your rejects for a discount on LEDs

Jackson, Michigan—, an e-commerce company specializing in LED Christmas lights and decorative lighting is wrapping up its 2nd annual Christmas light recycling program. Program participants could send their old incandescent string lights to for recycling and receive a coupon for 15% off energy efficient LED Christmas lights.

We started this program last year in response to several customer inquiries about what they could do with their old incandescent Christmas lights if they switched to LED,” said Philip C. Curtis, President of The 2008 program had over 5,000 participants and produced more than 3,000 pounds of lights for recycling. “We really had no idea what to expect when we started this program—we certainly didn’t expect to get 3,000 pounds of lights in the first year,” Curtis added. reports that the 2008-2009 participation level was even greater. “So far this year we have recycled in excess of 3,000 pounds of lights and have another lot of approximately 2,000 pounds waiting to be recycling,” Curtis explained. The company estimates that it will recycle more than 5500 pounds of lights before this year’s program ends at the end of this month.

Curtis stated that will continue to offer the Christmas light recycling program indefinitely and the company is working to establish additional collection points around the United States in order to reduce the amount of shipping that is required and to make it easier to participate.

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