Support Florida Solar – Contact Your Legislators Today!

Posted by Trish Riley, March 23, 2009

Harry Kegelman, owner of Advanced Solar Technologies and the man behind Gainesville’s innovative initiative to create a Solar Feed-in-Tariff program that was so successful it sold out for the next three years in just three weeks, is now working to help the state adopt the renewable energy program statewide. Kegelman asks our readers to join his efforts to expand the program through the Florida Legislature. Many lobbyist opponents are fighting against community and residential profits that threaten corporate power interests. Let state and local legislators know that we support solar power and FIT program here and throughout the state.

Here’s an article detailing the debate, followed by a request to contact house Speaker Larry Cretul, representative for Gainesville and Ocala, to let him know that you support the Gainesville Solar FIT program. Please take a moment to share your thoughts with your government leaders:

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