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Posted by Trish Riley, April 20, 2009

We posted a link here when the ECSC report was first released, but here are some important resources and information compiled and sent our way by Penny Wheat (Thanks, Penny!):

ECSC Background

In May, 2007, the Alachua County Commission created an advisory committee called the “Energy Conservation Strategies Commission” (ECSC) and charged it with developing a list of energy efficiency/energy reduction/renewable energy programs that could be implemented by County government and the countywide community. The County Commission’s stated intent was to promote the economic and energy security of Alachua County residents, and to reduce County government’s carbon footprint. I filled the slot for a former Alachua County Commissioner, and was elected chair of the ECSC; and Sean McLendon (now Alachua County’s Sustainability Program Manager) served as staff liaison to our committee. The ECSC sunset in December, 2008.

The Alachua County Commission was apparently the first in (at least) the Southeast to approach the energy issue in such a broad way. Other committees and local governments have studied climate change, or peak oil production and decline, or reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, or other, separate issues. The ECSC looked out to the year 2100, and in doing so, adapted ideas (from other committees and studies that preceded it) for local use. The ECSC recognized that complex energy, transportation and food issues can only be solved for the future through the use of interlocal agreements and other similar tools. Thus, the ECSC involved our community through over 40 presentations and community roundtable conversations. A list of those can be found in the final report.

The ECSC worked with County ITS to develop the County’s first advisory committee Sharepoint site as a way to store the incredible amount of documents and information necessary for writing the final report. With 15 members conducting research and reading various publications (and a deadline for our final report), the Sharepoint site became the ECSC library of documents, articles of interest, and work in progress. The legacy Sharepoint site remains as a public resource and is located at: energy.alachuacounty.usFrom this site, you can go to the Main ECSC site; the final report online; and the site with all ECSC agenda and minutes. The archive Sharepoint site lists tables of recommendations, which are included in the final report. A list of some tasks accomplished (as a result of beginning this conversation can be found at:
ECSC resources

-Online final ECSC report in ‘flipbook’ version:

-ECSC adopted recommendation charts can be found at:

-The ECSC presentations to the County Commission can be found at the County’s Video on Demand website at: under Energy & Environmental Programming, and Alachua County Talks.

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