Citizen’s Co-op Fundraiser

Posted by James Steele, April 24, 2009

Go Green Alternatives is supporting the ongoing efforts of Citizens Co-op in establishing a community food co-op. GGA contributor Ed Brown sent out this reminder email for tomorrow’s fundraiser and we encourage everyone to come out and support this event and effort! Thank you Ed.

Hi Everyone,

On Saturday there will be a concert and fundraiser for our new food-coop. The concert will be solar powered.

Come and get to know others in the community that are excited about the new food co-op, good music and good food! See the flyer below for more details.

Citizens Co-op will be a member owned food market in Gainesville with the mission of bringing local food to the market everyday of the week. There are many benefits associated with being a member. A family or individual lifetime membership is $100 and less expensive memberships are available for students, seniors and people with fewer financial resources.

The membership money is not being spent until a member meeting is held to move forward with creating the co-op. Fundraisers, like this concert, are providing funds for ongoing expenses. The goal is to have 500 members by the end of June so the membership can secure additional funding and grants to get rolling.

About 95% of the food we consume in Alachua County is imported from outside the county. With rising energy costs, droughts in the major agriculture regions around the world, rising fertilizer prices and many other food related issues contributing to the global food crisis, we need a local source for our food.

Please consider joining Citizens Co-op. Come to the concert and hear some great music, meet new and old friends, have some great food and enjoy being outside. If you can’t join us, please go the co-op’s website and join.



Flyer and information at