Fox News Goes Green

Posted by Trish Riley, April 17, 2009

Rupert Murdoch’s empire, which includes Fox News, has taken the initiative to green-up its facilities.  Looks like they figured out that being sustainable can save them money… Money Talks!

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  1. 1. James Steele Says:

    Let’s hope all the other networks do the same!

  2. 2. Trish Riley Says:

    Actually, James, CNN is already there:

    Green Building

    Alan Horn, President and Chief Operating Officer, Warner Bros. Entertainment

    “Sustainability requires long-term thinking. I’m proud that the studio has joined me in supporting longer-term investments that are now paying off significantly. My favorite is the solar energy project. There’s something exciting about being able to harness sunlight and use it to help power our studio facilities. We are already thinking about putting up more panels and taking advantage of our location, climate (sunny California!) and the roof space we have available. The other initiative that I’m very proud of is our LEED Silver building, as well as our integration of green building principles into all of our projects.

    Here again, we are utilizing long-term thinking and have proven the cost savings of designing with sustainability in mind. We will always continue to improve our production footprint and hopefully do a better job of explaining to the public what we do; it demonstrates that this is a quality-driven company that also cares. As far as talent goes, many actors are already involved and interested in environmental issues, so working here validates their values and ultimately makes them better spokespeople on these issues. And we all know how powerful that can be.”

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