Gainesville Green Business Receives Recognition

Posted by James Steele, April 20, 2009

by Lauren Shane, Communications Intern through the BRIDGE Program

Indigo, North Central Florida’s first green home supply store, won a Blue Ribbon Small Business Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce earlier this month.

The Blue Ribbon Award honors small businesses across the nation that demonstrate excellence in business planning, a commitment to leadership and superior service to their customers and community.

“Overall, getting this award shows what makes a good business is not always about profit or the bottom line,” owner Liberty Phoenix said. “It’s about putting the planet before everything else.”

The store, located at 322 SW 4th Ave., offers sustainable products for builders and homeowners in an effort to make homes and businesses across North Central Florida more environmentally friendly. The store also offers eco-friendly household gifts and a media room for interested buyers to learn more about green alternatives. ( Read more…)

Congratulations to owner Liberty Phoenix!