Green Business Criteria

Posted by Trish Riley, April 21, 2009

Sustainability means “Life Forever” in sign language. In business, that means not sacrificing human or planetary health and safety in the name of profit. If your business is working toward adopting sustainable practices, we are here to support you.

Interested in listing your business at We want you, too, provided you’re committed to sustainability. Can you provide third-party certification from an accredited organization such as Green America, the US Green Building Council, the Florida Green Building Council, USDA, or other organization? While we realize that all interested businesses may not have fully achieved certifiable sustainability, if you’re moving in the right direction, we want to help move you forward to a healthier future for all.

Please send us a paragraph or two about how your company is addressing the tenets of sustainability. How are you reducing your carbon footprint and polluting activities? Are you cutting energy costs and emissions? Conserving water? Reducing waste? Do your policies begin with “Do No Harm?” Are you developing policies to protect your employees and customers? Sustainable businesses strive to achieve all of these goals and seek to raise the quality of life for workers and for consumers, helping to educate along the way toward lives designed to prosper with less goods and money, providing for less time spent at work and more time to spend with families or in creative and intellectual pursuits – a state that can only be beneficial for our society. Let us know how sustainable your business is, what you’re working toward, and how our green community can help you make it happen.

Need to know more about greenwashing? Here’s a good spoof (I hope!) on greenwashing, and a funny article by a respected environmental journalist about the topic:Fire it Up » Blog Archive » Greenwashing without shame.

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