Oil Fuels Climate Change Misinformation Campaign

Posted by Trish Riley, April 10, 2009

Dissenter on Climate Change Takes Fight to the Web – NYTimes.com.

Kert Davies, the research director of Greenpeace, said he would like to dismiss Mr. Morano as irrelevant, but could not.

“He is relentless pushing out misinformation,” Mr. Davies said. “In denying the urgency of the problem, he definitely slows things down on the regulatory front. Eventually, he will be held accountable, but it may be too late.”

The most important point to note is the source of funding behind Morano’s work fighting global warming science. A non-profit foundation, Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, is cited as the funding source, but the reporter’s further research reveals – not surprisingly – that the foundation receives significant funding from Exxon Mobile – the company that posted the most profits ever gained in world history in 2008 as a result of sky-rocketing oil prices. This company, and others like it, has a shareholder mandate to continue to profit, and it does so at the expense of health and human safety. It has a vested interest in confusing the public about the science of global warming, and it finances lobbyists, marketing firms, and spokespersons like Morano to serve as mouthpieces for misinformation.

Don’t let the interests of companies who profit from destroying our environment fool you.