Five Great Mother’s Day Gifts

Posted by James Steele, May 7, 2009

Don’t forget this Sunday is Mother’s Day! Why not give her a little “green” to brighten up her day and say thank you!

check out these ideas below posted by Jordana G…

The primary gift-giving rule I live by is never to create excess junk in the recipient’s life.

This means: no knick-knacks, no “I-know-she’ll-like-this-gift-because-she-already-has-it-in-red,” and no gifts that appear to have had very little thought or care go into thinking them up (this generally includes: bodywash and lotion from well-known stores, candles, a journal and/or notecards).

I want the gift to be useful and add some sort of value to the giftee’s life. I try only to give presents that my loved ones need or that I think they will genuinely get good use of.

These are some of my favorite gift ideas for Mother’s Day – and they’re green to boot...( read article )

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