Reduce Runoff Pollution by 99% with a Rain Garden

Posted by James Steele, May 22, 2009

We certainly have had a wonderful abundance of rain lately…are you taking advantage of it? Over the past week I have collected over a hundred gallons of water through my rain barrel, which is connected to my roof! Are your gardens set up to make the best use of the rain and prevent runoff?

Yesterday I visited a friend’s wonderful garden and we discussed ways she could catch all this rain and direct it right where it is needed, the roots! This article has some great points for you…

A rain garden is an easy way to stop runoff pollution.
By Josh Peterson

Every time it rains in the city, a great majority of that falling water lands on cement or asphalt. At first the rainwater puddles, then it begins to trickle out of parking lots and streets until its gushing down the storm drain in a rushing torrent. (Full Article…)

Rain Gardens and Rain Barrels are effective for conserving rainwater.
Rain Barrel

Here is a pdf link to give you some rain barrel facts.

Also many University of Florida Extension Offices ( IFAS ) now sell Rain Barrels, along with everything you need and they often sell them for around $ 50.00, Here is another pdf file that shows how to set a rain barrel up .

This is a very useful and practical Go Green Alternative Tip that I hope you are making great use of. Let’s save as much of this valuable resource we can!

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