Renewable Energy Brings Water to the World

Posted by Trish Riley, May 21, 2009

Here’s an article written by our own Ed Brown – four years ago! But his points are just as valid – if not more so – today.

Billions of gallons of water can be saved every day through the use of solar, wind and other renewable energy systems. According to a United States Geological Survey report published in 2000, 195 billion gallons of water are withdrawn every day from our aquifers, lakes, rivers, and oceans to cool thermoelectric power plants in the US. This water withdrawal represents 48 percent of total water withdrawals in the United States.

The generation of electricity using nuclear energy consumes the most water – 0.62 gallons per kWh.

All too often, the water-saving angle is a forgotten benefit of renewable energy. We know solar, wind energy, and other renewable energy technologies provide sustainable, clean sources of power. And it’s now becoming abundantly clear to even the most skeptical that renewable energy technologies can be real engines of economic change, and provide some level of geopolitical security through increased energy independence. It’s time to make sure that water conservation joins the growing list of reasons to mobilize a real and widespread shift to renewable energy.

via Renewable Energy Brings Water to the World – Renewable Energy World.

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