Shall We Create A Fun Green Street Fest

Posted by Trish Riley, May 7, 2009

As always, we had a great Green Drinks Gainesville meeting this week. Harry Kegelman had an innovative idea: that we set up a sort of festival that would provide a byway for bike and pedestrian traffic. We talked about asking the city to shut down 2nd Avenue to vehicular traffic, making it a safe zone for bikes, skateboards, scooters and pedestrians. Whitney Sanford and Kevin Veach suggested it could be tied to the Alachua Library, and I thought maybe we could have it begin at UF’s Library East and run along 2nd Avenue to the downtown library – we could call it the Information Highway. We could invite green businesses and groups to set up booths along the way, maybe invite the farmers market vendors to set up…possibilities abound and I welcome conversation about this idea. I’d love for GoGreenAlternatives to help make this happen if our community is interested in figuring out the details… in the following video that Harry sent of a similar project, they even have an outdoor exercising session, which would be fantastic: Ciclovía: A Moving Experience in Bogotá, Colombia

Let’s brainstorm on this and see what we can come up with! Please send in your comments here!

Thanks, Harry!


After reading that we’ve been talking about getting a bike day started here in Gainesville, Leslie McLendon, who works in our county planning office, sent us an article about this growing trend around the nation. The article points out that creating special rights-of-way for bicycle traffic for special events draws great crowds of pedalists and others and helps to raise awareness about safety issues for cyclists. The article also states that Florida ranks highest in the nation for cyclist fatalities, with 119 in 2007 out of 698 in the nation. Protecting cyclists is vital, and providing safe thru-ways for bike and pedestrian traffic should be a priority. Let’s hope we can help to promote this healthy, clean-energy mode of travel in our community.

Thanks for sharing the article, Leslie! You can read it at our new discussion forum, and let us know what you think!


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