Culture Change – Time to Take the Gloves off with Obama

Posted by Trish Riley, June 30, 2009

This is a difficult article. The author seems to be stoking the fires against change by claiming that our choices are limited and that the current administration is not addressing our priorities. I have little patience for this line of criticism because i think we clearly have leadership which we’ve never had before, and though it may not be perfect, i appreciate that the Obama administration is taking stances never seen by a White House administration before. I think that we can all better serve our own needs by supporting the efforts being made than by deriding those efforts. We can’t expect one person to change the status quo – it will take our nation to make the changes necessary to lead us into a healthier, more prosperous future. We are fortunate to have a leader who understands these needs. He’s asked for our support – we need to help make this vision a reality, and not feed the opposition by attacking his efforts.

Sorry if i sound like a dilettante or sycophant, but I really think we need to give change a chance while we have the opportunity.

The clock is ticking, and we are not building life boats. As the population’s options close and a harder ecological and socioeconomic fall is assured more each day, Barack Obama is leading the thumb twiddlers, albeit with eloquence and charm. What passes for policy debate today seldom reckons with the life and death issues of climate extinction, petrocollapse, and the social chaos ahead.

via Culture Change – Time to Take the Gloves off with Obama.

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