Dolphins Under Siege By Angry Anglers

Posted by Trish Riley, June 30, 2009

Fighting FlipperBoat captains say dolphins, known for their toothy grins and playfulness, are growing increasingly aggressive in their quest for food, with some taking fish right off the hook _ something that rarely happened just a few years ago.

In response, fishermen are pulling out everything from pipe bombs to .357-caliber Magnum pistols to fend them off _ and breaking a federal law against harming the sea mammals.

Dolphins Under Siege By Angry Anglers.

For more on the plight of dolphins, see the sundance Film Festival award-winning documentary about Ric O’Barry’s work to save dolphins from humans. I had the chance to talk with O’Barry in South Florida – he’s convinced that dolphins are being exploited by our entertainment industry. I agree:

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