“Fresh” Provides a Fresh Look at Food

Posted by Trish Riley, June 28, 2009

This new movie looks like a refreshing take on the food problems gripping the world. Many recent food-issue films have focused on the dire situation we’re facing: how horribly the meat industry operates, how big ag adds potentially dangerous synthetic petrochemicals to our food and twists nature with genetic modification, how seed companies are developing a monopoly on seeds and our entire food supply, how farmers are getting the shaft by being forced to sell their food under cost, requiring the government to prop them up with subsidies, how small farmers are being pushed out of business. It all comes down to profit and the ugly greed it’s caused in so many industries. We need to know this information, because it is our awareness that helps us realize that the situation needs to change.

“Fresh” covers these problems, but moves on to deliver a positive story about how we can effectively change our food system, which will benefit our health, the environment, water, soil and animals. Here’s a great quote from the film trailer: “There is a new vision of the future that we don’t have to wait for; it’s a decision you and I can make right now that will change the world.” Our community has so much amazing strength and passion in the arena of local food – this is definitely a place where we can and are forging the blueprint for tremendous change. Thanks to all who are working so hard to make that happen here.

I don’t see any local showings listed for the film, but we need to get one set up…. Food Friends, Civic Media Center, please let us know if/when Fresh comes to town!

Thanks to Julie Garrett, who brought this film to our attention via FB!

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