Graham’s Wish for 2009: Let’s Start Outgreening Each Other

Posted by Trish Riley, June 11, 2009

graham-hill_200GoGreenNation: An interview with Graham Hill, founder of He’s essentially voicing my greatest concern: Now is the time to say, “No!” to compromise – the future of the planet is at stake.>>>

“We’re finally gaining real momentum,” he says —”most people see that climate change is real. Now it’s time to get down to brass tacks.” Thinking holistically, Graham considers the brass tacks to be changing the mindsets of the mainstream. And to change mindsets, we need to truly inspire people, not make endless lists of 250 ways to save the planet, or of cool, green products.

But even with the right mindset, it’s not necessarily easy to be green. The challenge we face now is that we’re in the midst of what Graham calls the “This versus That” period.

Is it better to skip a train trip from NYC to DC or do a better job of recycling? Should I unplug my various chargers or order green power or shut down my computer? Should I bag my groceries in paper or plastic? (The last one’s easy: it’s neither—bring your own bag.)

“Most people don’t know the answers. Hey, even I don’t know,” he confesses.

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