Moss Makes a No-Care Lawn

Posted by Trish Riley, June 16, 2009

GoGreenNation: There are so many ways to let your grass go, and give up fertilizing and watering the unsustainable grass lawn. If you can get used to the idea of a more natural landscape, moss provides a very eco-friendly and zero-maintenance alternative: Moss Makes a No-Care Lawn – New York Times.

I’ve got moss starts tucked into my landscape, and i’m also trying another alternative billed “eco-lawn” at area nurseries:  peanuts. I tucked whole fresh peanuts around my yard last fall, and though it seemed the armadillos had dug them all up, now little peanut plants are popping up all over among the grass. I ask my lawn team to cut the grass around the peanuts and clover, and I’m hoping that within a year, no cutting will be necessary. Peanuts provide a fast, low-growing groundcover with pretty yellow flowers – much lovlier than sod!


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