U.N. Official Calls for Worldwide Ban on Plastic Bags

Posted by Trish Riley, June 9, 2009


“Plastic, the most prevalent component of marine debris, poses hazards because it persists so long in the ocean, degrading into tinier and tinier bits that can be consumed by the smallest marine life at the base of the food web,” reads the report.

But the plastic-bag industry says that its bags aren’t the problem — it’s the people who throw them out.

“Recycling is what we see as the best approach for the U.S.,” Keith Christman of the American Chemistry Council told McClatchy. “Plastic is just too valuable to waste.”

via U.N. Official Calls for Worldwide Ban on Plastic Bags – Science News | Science & Technology | Technology News – FOXNews.com.

GoGreenNation: Three cheers to the UN for recognizing the pervasive damage of these plastic bags, which have been banned in San Francisco and in L.A. next year. Recycling plastic is NOT the answer, because it won’t go away. Plastic is NOT a valuable resource – it is a toxic blend of chemicals. We need new solutions. In the meantime, real cloth bags for shopping (not the recycled plastic ones popping up at every store!).

Thanks to @ChrisBartle for this story!

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