Welcome to GoGreenNation!

Posted by Trish Riley, June 27, 2009

WelcomeBellGoGreenNation is a sustainable business designed to help support the development of other green businesses and to promote the growth of sustainable communities.

We provide environmental news, resources and a community where we can share our ideas and support one other’s progress toward shaping a healthier planet with a green economy and more sustainable lifestyles. Our goal is to help communities create their own local pages with local resources, and to link us all together. Please join us here.

Contact us if you’d like to create a local page for your community, submit green news, list your green business, green job, green event,  or advertise with us: trish@gogreennation.org.

Sustainability means not sacrificing human or planetary health and safety in the name of profit. If your business is working toward adopting sustainable practices, we are here to support you.

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