World hunger reaches 1 billion mark

Posted by Trish Riley, June 22, 2009

Can-You-be-a-Part-Time-Vegetarian_full_article_verticalGoGreenNation: If we help those caught in the wake of famine to grow their own gardens, as well as reduce meat consumption, we might stand a chance of addressing this growing global problem of world hunger.

The global financial meltdown has pushed the ranks of the world’s hungry to a record 1 billion, a grim milestone that poses a threat to peace and security, U.N. food officials said Friday.

via The Associated Press: UN: World hunger reaches 1 billion mark.

Here’s a report on the increased nutritional benefits of organic foods.

…today’s [conventionally grown] veggies and fruits may be as much as 40% lower in minerals than the same produce from 50 years ago.

via Today’s produce less nourishing than yesteryear’s | Daily Loaf.

And here’s a great article from Woman’s Day magazine detailing several good reasons to eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat – a move that will help us provide more food for the world by focusing fewer resources on costly meat production. Can you be a part-time vegetarian?

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