France imports UK electricity as plants shut – Times Online

Posted by Trish Riley, July 17, 2009

savannah river nuclear power plant ©Trish Riley 2009Thanks to Ed Brown for submitting this interesting piece of news from the nation that boasts about its nuclear power industry:

Fourteen of France’s 19 nuclear power stations are located inland and use river water rather than seawater for cooling. When water temperatures rise, EDF is forced to shut down the reactors to prevent their casings from exceeding 50C.

Ed’s poignant observation:

Spending billions of dollars on power plants that we can’t operate as temperatures rise would seem to be a poor use of our limited financial and natural resources.

As a side note to the story, here’s a bit of good news for a more sustainable future:

the recession has led to a 6 per cent fall in the UK’s electricity requirements because of weaker industrial demand.

via France imports UK electricity as plants shut – Times Online.

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