Invasive snake hunt begins in the ‘glades

Posted by Trish Riley, July 23, 2009

051005_python_hmed_11a.hmediumAnimal Planet reporter Wendee Holtcamp summarizes the problem these exotics pose to the natural fauna of the Everglades, and brings us up to speed on what’s being done to contain this fast-growing problem. Wendee and i both participated in a Scripps Environmental Journalism Fellowship in 2006, just when the problem was hitting the radar through international publication of this photo of a python who’d eaten an alligator, and subsequently burst.

A python posse is on the move, hunting down invasive Burmese pythons that have invaded the Florida Everglades, trained in the art and science of python capture by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

Invasive snake hunt begins in the ‘glades – Animal News: Animal Planet.

See the original report and video here.

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