What My Marriage Counselor Asked | Mother Jones

Posted by Trish Riley, July 24, 2009

I’m really enjoying reading the work of Society of Environmental Journalists colleague Osha Davidson, editor of The Phoenix Sun. He’s helping us move in the right direction. Thanks, Osha.

Journalists and others need to turn our attention to solutions. Debating solutions to global warming is a sign of a healthy relationship. All sides have a common baseline and can help each other figure out where we need to go from here. Politically, massive resources should be used to defeat everyone in Congress who still wants to debate the modern equivalent of “Is the earth really round?” We need to divorce pols who are divorced from reality, and the proper venue for that is the ballot box or in some cases the recall petition. And then, we need to get on with our lives, with creating solutions to the largest problem facing us: global warming

via What My Marriage Counselor Asked | Mother Jones.

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