The Big Takeover: Fall Out From Gas Industry

Posted by Trish Riley, August 26, 2009

infrared gas photo

Another harrowing story about the impact of industry on our environment. I’m especially moved by this infrared photo of invisible gases penetrating the atmosphere surrounding this gas plant.

In Caddo Parish in Louisiana’s northwest corner, 17 head of cattle died in late April after drinking “frac” water that entered their pasture. During the last several months, earthquakes in Johnson County and at D/FW International Airport caused gas companies to shut down injection wells thought to be responsible. And then a couple of week ago, a film showing invisible poisonous hydrocarbons escaping into the air at gas well sites in North Texas appeared on YouTube. Closest to home, 14 new wells are planned for a Fort Worth park within 600 feet of a proposed elementary school and community center. Oh, and a gas industry lobbying group has been given the right to put a class in a Fort Worth public high school, with full control of the curriculum.

“When you look at the whole picture,” Young continued, “it’s as if the gas industry got together to say, ‘We’re going to own this city.’ And to some extent, they do. They’ve taken over city hall, no question about that. And they’ve taken over the parks department, which has given them every waiver and variance they’ve asked for. They’ve gotten into the libraries, and now the industry is running its own program with its own curriculum in one of our public schools.

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