Why Not Start AgriCorps, for a New Crop of Farmers?

Posted by Trish Riley, August 10, 2009

I like this idea, and I also support making all of our basic needs into non-profit industries, including power, medical care, education, etc. Let us pay premiums for luxury standards, such as cosmetic surgery or fancy foods, but let’s reduce the stress of survival by pulling the profit element out of the picture on things we need to live.

Thanks for passing this along, Ed.

In this “AgriCorps,” participants would learn the skills of farming and experience the lifestyle; hosts would receive valuable labor to bolster their businesses.

Such a program would face an obvious objection: AmeriCorps offers volunteers to public-service organizations, but most farms are private businesses. Why should the rest of us help support them?

But maybe we need to reconsider that line of thinking. By defining farms and farmers as purely economic entities, we condemn them to a system that inevitably eliminates them. What if instead we began to see farmers as the public servants they are, and enable them to be the public servants we need: stewards of our soil and water, pillars of our rural communities, and guardians of our food.

via Why Not Start AgriCorps, for a New Crop of Farmers? | CommonDreams.org.

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