Alice Waters Supports Healthy School Lunches: So Can You

Posted by Trish Riley, September 5, 2009

time for lunch

Beckley’s cafeteria offers only processed food, which is high in fat, sodium and sugar and of very little nutritional value.

Contrast this with the Central Alternative High School in Appleton, Wisconsin. The school serves troubled youth, but teachers, parents and administrators found a way to turn things around; and when they did, discipline problems dropped sharply. Their secret? Instead of the usual processed meals, the school cafeteria offers fresh, locally grown, low-fat, low-sugar alternatives. The healthier meals are delicious. The students love them. They perform better in class and don’t get sick as often.

We are learning that when schools serve healthier meals, they solve serious educational and health-related problems.

via Alice Waters: Want to Teach Democracy? Improve School Lunches.


Join a community potluck on Labor Day, September 7 to promote awareness of the Child Nutrition Act which is up for re-authorization. Restricted budgets for our nation’s schools represent a real struggle to serve children the food they need. In addition to the good eats, we’ll be hosting speakers discussing the steps already being taken here in Gainesville to provide nutritional food to children in our community, as well as some
activities for kids to enjoy.

Your families and friends are invited to join with a dish to share a friendly meal, while we explore the food and health issues that affect us and our children. The potluck will be held at the Alachua County Extension Office (2800 NE 39th Ave), with doors opening at 5:00 pm, followed by dinner and activities until our speakers begin at 6:00.

Please send RSVPs, questions or concerns to We hope to see you there!

For more information about the campaign visit Time For Lunch.