Citizen’s Meeting on Water Fluoridation

Posted by Trish Riley, September 28, 2009

Putting fluoride in public drinking water was initiated when aluminum manufacturers needed to find a way to dump fluoride, a by-product of manufacturing. They eliminated the expense of paying to dispose of fluoride by convincing government and the public that adding fluoride to public water systems was beneficial for our teeth. It may be a good way to prevent cavities, but fluoride is not good for the body. Learn more:


Meeting Agenda:

What do we know about our water? Some facts about fluoridation

Some words from Fluoride-affected individuals

A Proposal to assure Gainesville drinking water quality Discussion

Learn about the serious health risks posed bythe current use of INDUSTRIAL WASTE FLUORIDE in yourdrinking water.You are invited to listen, ask questions, and contribute to the findings regarding Gainesville water fluoridation.

Tuesday, Oct. 6, 7:00 pm, SFCC Downtown, 401 N.W. 6th Street,Gainesville, Blount Center Building DA in the Seminar Conference Room

Thanks to Maria Minno, founder of the Gainesville Holistic Health Fair, who provides this information as well as quite a bit of research on fluoride on her web site: More Than Just Thinking.