Duke Energy CEO Questions Viability of ‘Clean’ Coal Technology, Future of Coal

Posted by Trish Riley, September 18, 2009

Big Coal is learning…..

Jim Rogers, CEO of Duke Energy, raised questions on Wednesday about the viability of capturing and storing carbon dioxide emissions from coal plants underground, and suggested that coal may not even be part of the energy mix by 2050.

“I actually can see a future where coal is not in the equation in 2050,” Rogers told reporters at an event in Washington.

He argued that it’s unlikely that the United States will be able to develop and bring to scale carbon-capture-and-storage – often called “clean coal” technology.

“…what if we made a policy decision that we’re not going to buy coal as a consequence of mountaintop mining.” The future of mountaintop removal grew less certain last week as the Obama administration put the breaks on 79 surface mining permits in Appalachia.

[Learn more about mountaintop removal here.]

But Rogers still has a learning curve to master…

Instead, he says he foresees nuclear rising to become the biggest source of baseload power by 2050, along with solar and “a little wind,” and improved efficiency.

The Washington Independent » Duke Energy CEO Questions Viability of ‘Clean’ Coal Technology, Future of Coal.

We need to continue helping industry realize that damaging our planet, health and safety is NOT the way to create a livable, sustainable future.

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