Help FOG Develop a Sustainable Local Food System

Posted by Trish Riley, September 4, 2009

You are invited to attend one (or two!) public meetings this month, hosted by Florida Organic Growers, concerning our local food system.  We also need your help to raise awareness. Please consider attending to learn more about food systems in your community, and how you can be a part of local change towards a more sustainable system.

As part of a larger project that will follow these meetings, we are working on a community-based project that will produce an achievable action plan for those issues most identified in our community as needing attention. The food choices we all make have wide ranging implications for energy and water consumption, waste production, health and well-being and support for local economies.

If you can devote a small amount of time to talk to people about the project, pass out flyers, attend events and spread the word at your workplace, church or school, then please let me know! I can give you more details on the project and the upcoming meetings if you think you can help. We can also have a speaker come to your organization to give a brief presentation.

We are also looking for anyone who is a professional child care provider that may be willing to supervise children at the downtown meeting.

The first meeting will be held at the downtown library, meeting room A on Monday Sept. 21, 6pm. The second meeting will be Tues. Sept. 29th 6pm.

For more information: 352-377-6345;

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