EPA to delay 79 coal mining permits in 4 states

Posted by Trish Riley, October 2, 2009

We know good news when we see it…. mountaintop mining is a menace to communities as well as mountains, and the more coal we mine, the more we have to burn and add CO2 to our fragile atmosphere. FYI: there is NO clean coal. Thank you, Obama Administration!

President Barack Obama’s administration put the brakes on 79 applications for surface coal mining permits in four states Wednesday, saying they would violate the Clean Water Act.

The action is the administration’s latest attempt to curb environmental damage from a highly efficient but damaging mining practice known as mountaintop removal. Each permit likely would cause significant damage to water quality and the environment, the Environmental Protection Agency said in a statement.

via The Associated Press: EPA to delay 79 coal mining permits in 4 states.

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