Food Recycling Law A Hit In San Francisco

Posted by Trish Riley, October 22, 2009

042Why would we ever think it’s a good idea to throw out the leftovers of such a beautiful bounty? I saw this new city composting in action as it began in San Francisco a year ago and was very impressed… I hope we can establish municipal recycling in our hometown soon, but in the meantime, I started recycling my own food and compostable waste, using a free compost bin from Alachua County Waste Department, and reduced my garbage by more than 80 percent. I reduced my utility bill by asking for a smaller trash bin, but I see in today’s paper that costs for bins are going up, so this savings won’t be as beneficial for citizens. Too bad, but remember, it’s worth it to recycle your food wastes to create a healthier planet by feeding these resources back to the soil instead of adding to our pollution problems. Thanks for Going Green! – trish*

A brand-new city law requires residents to discard food waste in a separate bin.

Garbage officials in the city have been stunned and heartened by the tons and tons of food waste that is already streaming in.

“…composting your food scraps is probably the single most effective thing you can do as a citizen in the United States today.” Jared Blumenfeld, environmental officer of San Francisco.

via Food Recycling Law A Hit In San Francisco : NPR.

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