GoGreenNation Conservation Challenge

Posted by Trish Riley, October 7, 2009

GoGreenNation would like to challenge you to see how many ways you can reduce your consumption of natural resources. In the process, you’ll save money and reduce your footprint on the planet.

We’re focusing on Energy, Water, and Waste.

We can reduce our carbon footprint and natural resource usage by developing more efficient habits. Through conservation, we can cut back our energy needs by 15 to 45 percent; we can save about half of the water we use; and we can reduce our waste by 50 to 80 percent. All of these reductions will result in cost savings, energy reductions, emission reductions and a cleaner planet. If we can make these changes to our habits, better solutions will become even more viable because of our reduced demand for energy and resources. This is the best place for us to start on a path toward a healthier future, and we can begin right now.

I’d like to form a committee to work on this. We need to create a tracking system for individual use. Maybe the best measurement will be how much money we can each save? Which local organizations can provide resources and incentives for a 1 month, 3 month and annual assessment? If you or your organization/business would like to participate in developing our Conservation Challenge, please let me know this week and we will plan to discuss this at the meeting.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to develop some steps that participants can take to get started. Please let me know your ideas for tips and how your business or organization can provide information, assistance, incentives or services to help individuals, businesses and organizations in our community participate in this Conservation Challenge.