Green Drinks Touted as Great Place to Meet Green Singles!

Posted by Trish Riley, October 2, 2009

Cheers! See you at Satchel’s Oct. 7!

Where Can I find an an Eco-Mate?

On the green singles front, you have plenty of options. Use living in Chicago to your advantage and attend a Green Drinks meet-up if you haven’t already. These informal global events in over 542 cities are ripe with green singles and plenty of interesting folks in committed relationships. You don’t have to drink, obviously, but a little social lubrication never hurt anyone. And if you no one catches your eye at Green Drinks, at the very least you’ve networked, socialized and had a nice night out. And don’t worry, the Green Drinks folks won’t audit you at the door. Go as you are.

via Where can I find an eco-mate? | MNN – Mother Nature Network.

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