Obama to give $3.4 billion in grants for smart grid

Posted by Trish Riley, October 27, 2009

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama on Tuesday will announce $3.4 billion in government grants to help build a “smart” electric grid that will save consumers money on their utility bills, reduce blackouts and carry power supplies generated by solar and wind energy, the White House said.

The money will pay for about 18 million smart meters that will help consumers manage energy use in their homes, 700 automated substations to make it faster for utilities to restore power knocked out by storms and 200,000 smart transformers that allow power companies to replace units before they fail, thus avoiding outages.

Obama will announce the grants on Tuesday when he visits one of the largest solar farms in the country in Arcadia, Florida.

via Obama to give $3.4 billion in grants for smart grid – Yahoo! News.

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