Oil spills not as slick as flaseia!

Posted by Trish Riley, October 15, 2009

Here’s something to think about forblog action day:

Recently, the Florida Solar Energy Industry Association came out in support of off-shore oil drilling in Florida, apparently caving to a hollow-sounding promise of oil profits being used to address environmental problems. Such drilling is likely to cause far more problems than it could ever help solve.

“FARE does not support the recent decision made by the Florida Solar Energy Industry Association (FlaSeia), to utilize revenues from the exploration for oil along Florida’s coastline as a means to fund renewable energy expansion. FARE also does not support FlaSeia’s decision to seek only a continuation of Florida’s Solar Installation Rebate Program during the upcoming 2010 Legislative Session, rather than a broader agenda which incorporates a long term dedicated funding source, specifically, a production-based incentive policy. FARE calls into question the lack of foresight on the part of FlaSeia to endorse oil exploration legislation sight unseen and strongly urges FlaSeia to reverse their endorsement of any proposed legislation until such time that an actual Bill is introduced and the entire energy efficiency and renewable energy industry has the proper opportunity to act as one unified voice.”