Saturday: “Healing our Land, Our Bodies & Our Communities”

Posted by Trish Riley, October 22, 2009

Our friend Dave Reed highly recommends taking time for a trip to Mayo this weekend to hear from Jerry Brunetti, a specialist in Farm and Food as Medicine:

Jerry Brunetti at Lighthouse Christian Center, 772 State Road 51, Mayo, FL 32066 (MAP)

October 24th 9-4pm, with Farm Tour 4 – 5 p.m. “Healing our Land, Our Bodies & Our Communities” (Details below)

I want to introduce one of my personal heroes in this food movement.  It is not just that he is a fellow graduate of Penn State Agronomy.  I listened to a full day of his lectures up in Western NY State, and it was my wake up call to alternative medicine, health, diet, and agriculture.  Jerry is a renaissance person for this ‘movement’, and one of the most interesting and thought-provoking speakers I have ever encountered.   If you are ready for a full day of slides, charts, graphs, images, history, science, and personal experience – try to get there.

You can check up on his site at  Another good site to look at is, and search on Jerry Brunetti.

Here is a particularly interesting article on Mr. Brunetti and his work on his own health problems.

Check the Forum for ride share opportunities to this event.

Healing Our Land, Our Bodies & Our Communities

By Jerry Brunetti

Where:  Lighthouse Christian Center, 772 State Rd 51, Mayo, FL 32066                               This is 1 or 2 miles north of 27 on hwy 51.

When:  October 24th, 9 – 4PM.  Doors open at 7:30AM, video at 8:00

Lunch:  You will be able to purchase lunch on site

Farm Tour: 4-5PM at Full Circle Farm, 5 miles from LCC.  After hearing Jerry’s talk come and tour a farm that does what was taught.  See first hand how soil organic matter is built quickly without fossil fuels. CO2 from the air is sequestered directly into the soil and increases moisture and nutrient holding capacity.  Farm products will be available for purchase after tour.  We can e-mail you a price list upon request.

Registration:  $40; Walk ins welcome as space permits, children under 14 free.  Send check to Cypress Consultants, 20997 174th Street, Live Oak, FL 32060. 386-776-2770 .

Bio: Jerry Brunetti works as a soil and crop consultant primarily for livestock farms and ranches, assisting these operations as they transition away from petrochemical inputs and adopt the practices necessary for organic food production. In addition, he works towards improving crop quality, livestock performance and health on organic farms. Jerry was an animal science major at North Carolina State University, prior to running a cow/calf operation in West Virginia. He was a marketing director, who also supervised milk quality at the National Farmers Organization in the Northeast for five years, prior to launching Agri-Dynamics, Inc. in 1979, a company he now consults for.

Jerry has been a regular speaker at numerous conferences throughout the United States, Australia, and Europe on topics that include soil fertility, animal nutrition and livestock/human health. As a result of healing himself of a life threatening episode of cancer utilizing holistic modalities he is often speaking to audiences about the relationship of “Food as Medicine” and “Farm as Farmacy”. Jerry bridges natural and scientific understandings of plant and animal “ecosystems”, such as digestion in soils (decomposition), foods (fermentation) and animal/human G.I. tract health; plant immunity originating from mineral derived pigments (e.g. carotene) called phytoalexins, which in turn contribute to the strength of animal/human immune systems.

Jerry’s “connect-the-dots” systems approach is to assist farmers and ranchers to understand and then implement practices that demonstrate the health of people and communities is linked to healthy land, healthy animals and healthy humans. His DVDs include “The Keys to Herd Health”, “Holistic Veterinary Care” with Hugh Karreman, VMD and “Cancer, Nutrition and Healing”.

Jerry will also be speaking in Orlando area Oct 22nd contact Steve at

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