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Posted by Trish Riley, October 19, 2009

Here’s a note from Nancy Sutley, Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, posted at, about her experiences at the Society of Environmental Journalist’s conference in Madison. I attended the conference, and, since she said one of the challenges she faces is helping the public to understand the environmental issues we face and how to address them, I gave Ms. Sutley my books and offered to help get the message across in any way I can.

Last week, I joined Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle for a tour of the Crave Brothers Farm and Dairy in Waterloo, WI.

The brothers power their farm and cheese factory using an anaerobic digestion system, which turns organic waste into fuel, and cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions.  When the process is finished, there is even enough power left over to heat the surrounding homes in the Waterloo area!

The tour reiterated some of the issues we had discussed that day at the Society of Environmental Journalists Conference in Madison, WI. In the morning, I had participated in a panel entitled “Countdown to Copenhagen” and after the tour, I returned to the conference and spoke with Secretary Vilsack on a panel entitled “Meet Your New Bosses” about the Obama Administration’s environmental policy goals.

Sustainability in America’s Dairyland | Obama Chronicles.

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