How Green Building Can Save the Housing Industry

Posted by Trish Riley, November 18, 2009

suburban sprawlFrom our Correspondent John Wasik:

Green is gold. Why didn’t homebuilders get this idea? They could be building new homes again, employing millions, making inner cities and suburbs habitable and bring down the cost of housing for everyone.

…the box you live in is antiquated beyond belief and costs you more every year to heat, cool and maintain.

To change this deplorable situation — and revive real estate, building and banking — it will require a change in attitude. Think of your personal living space as ecodynamic. It could adjust to the exterior environment cybernetically, tell you when the cheapest electricity is available and program the entire house to use less energy.

Is this something out of the new Star Trek movie? Hardly. Ecodynamic homes are not only being built, they are being assembled. That’s an important distinction.

An ecodynamic home is always working for you to reduce costs. It saves water in cisterns, prevents heat from leaking out in the winter and keeps a breeze flowing in summer. You use less energy because the house’s computer is constantly monitoring conditions and directing resources to where they are needed. Don’t need to heat or cool a spare bedroom? The system will know and cut your bills.

Homes needn’t be so capital intensive and push people into foreclosure and bankruptcy. They can be clean, green and affordable. They can pay us back when they produce energy. To accomplish that, we will need to re-envision the American Dream. Home is where the heart is. Now the political will needs to follow if we’re to make homeownership widespread and sustainable.

©2009 John F. Wasik, author of Cul-de-Sac Syndrome: Turning Around the Unsustainable American Dream

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