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Posted by Trish Riley, November 6, 2009

Here’s a nice article from Ed Brown that lays out a plan that I know many people in our community envision for our future. One of the aspects I like about creating a more localized economy that’s not mentioned in this article is that as we eliminate the cost of importing goods and services, overall costs for goods should go down. That benefits everyone in the community far more than doling out food stamps and welfare checks only to the very poorest people, as our government does, leaving those with somewhat more income stuck with high costs of living and higher taxes for such programs. Thanks for passing this along, Ed!

Madison residents love their farmers’ markets, windmills, rural health cooperatives, credit unions and hundreds of other green businesses, appreciating how they simultaneously benefit the local economy, environment and civic life. Less appreciated, however, is the essential role localization plays in promoting global prosperity, sustainability and peace…

via Localization is Way to Redefine Globalization | CommonDreams.org.

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