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Posted by Trish Riley, November 12, 2009

Here’s an excellent article sent by Ed Brown regarding the demise of newspapers, written by George Monbiot for the UK Guardian. Monbiot nails the reason that newspapers are dying, and aptly describes the service that GoGreenNation and many of my fellow journalists are taking upon ourselves to resolve as we create an independent media voice through the wonderful tool of the internet.

Most local papers exist to amplify the voices of their proprietors and advertisers, and other powerful people with whom they wish to stay on good terms. In this respect they scarcely differ from most of the national media. But they also contribute to what in Mexico is called caciquismo: the entrenched power of local elites. This is the real threat to local democracy, not the crumpling of the media empires of bigoted millionaires.

It’s true that the vacuity and cowardice of the local papers has been exacerbated by consolidation, profit-seeking, the collapse of advertising revenues and a decline in readership. But even if they weren’t subject to these pressures, they would still do more harm than good. The local papers fail to challenge the powerful because the powerful own and fund them….we need a press that speaks truth to power, that gives voice to the powerless and fights for local democracy.

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